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Hey! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope that your experience here will be a happy one, and thank YOU in advance if considering writing an article or review on Seewhitstable Blog Write For Us. If it sounds like something up your alley, we’re always looking to collaborate with people who can help share our message of great food from around the world & warm hospitality–just say the word!

Why Should You Choose Seewhitstable?

Seewhitstable is the leading website for people who are looking to escape everyday life. We write articles on all topics related to outdoor, traffic, travel, etc in Whitstable – a seaside town located north of Kent towards southeastern England’s coastline! Our passionate team works hard at creating amazing content that will help you find your perfect destination based on what exactly suits your needs best.

So if it’s an exciting getaway or somewhere more relaxing (with some good food), look no further than Seewhitstable because we have got everything here under one roof, ready to go.

We’re always looking for new topics to write about, so if you have any ideas on the matter, don’t hesitate and share them with us. 

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You will be able to write a unique and interesting article for our blog. The content must come from you or your writer, so it is important that we ask before any use of used materials! Here’s what else we need:

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Our team won’t accept posts with spelling and grammar errors! If you haven’t spent enough time on your content, we’ll sadly be too busy to work together.

  • Please create unique, relevant content
  • The article must be Informative
  • The article must have at least 1000 words
  • You must submit the article in Google Docs and send us the URL with edit access
  • You will prepare the Meta Description, SEO Title, and Images for the post
  • Meta description must contain the main keyword and between 135 – 155 characters
  • Use subheadings – H2 or H3 in the article
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  • Your URL which you want to keep as a do-follow (We will accept 1 do-follow link only)
  • We DO NOT accept affiliate articles, product reviews, spam SEO articles, … any kind of those

Please don’t be upset if we need to edit the content of your Guest Post Article.

If you are interested in Guest Posting, please feel free to contact us at seewhitstable@gmail.com with the title [Guest Post for Seewhitstable.com]

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In-content Link – Sponsored Links, Paid Links, and the like are all about finding appropriate anchor text for your specific URLs. There’s no need to search through my blog as I’ve already got what you’re looking for! Anyone who donates at least $$ can pick from an extensive list of options that will help make building traffic easier than ever before.

Sponsor Post

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<!> Note: We will charge a fee for this and the price is negotiable!

If you are interested in Sponsored Link or Sponsored Post, please feel free to contact us at seewhitstable@gmail.com with the title [Sponsored Link/Post for Seewhitstable.com]

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Looking for a good spot to advertise? Sure, we can put your banner at the header or footer of some blog posts! Just email us, and let’s chat about what position you want.

We also accept advertisements, but our team will carefully review them before publishing.

I’m happy to announce that the price of advertising on my website will be different for each individual based on what you need. Whether it’s a monthly or yearly fee, I can offer an affordable solution!

<!> Note: We will charge a fee for this and the price is negotiable!

If you are interested in Advertising, please feel free to contact us at seewhitstable@gmail.com with the title [Advertise for Seewhitstable.com]

What Happens After You Post/Link Published?

When we publish your blog post on our website, you can share it with all of the social media profiles that are relevant to what’s going on in those blogs. It’ll help grow their audience and reputation as well!

Please don’t copy your blog post and publish it on another website, even if you are the author! This will avoid duplicate content out there, which can confuse search engines, as well as hurt their ranking in Google’s eyes, and benefit nobody at all.

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We are always here to answer any of your advertising inquiries, so please do not hesitate to get back to us at seewhitstable@gmail.com or through our website! We will respond within 24-48 hours (usually much sooner).  

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